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Massage services in Karachi

massage services in Karachi KARACHI/DHA The city is teeming with sleazy spas and massage parlours where you may receive “additional service” (also referred to as “happy ending”, “rug and tug”, “plus plus”, or simply by what they are, hand jobs). While I was a resident of KARACHI, I spent several months enjoying the city’s nightlife, but I hadn’t visited any of these spas or massage facilities.

However, because I’m a sucker for website traffic, I’m listing here all the locations in KARACHI that offer these services. The majority of the information below was compiled using advice from friends who live as expats in Saigon, with additional study conducted on blogs and internet forums. The spas are commonly found within hotels. It is a smart idea to reserve one of them if you’re looking for a hotel in KARACHI that welcomes female guests. To assist you, I’ve provided a direct link to Agoda. If you enjoy reading this review and appreciate the time I spent researching it, please use one of the links to make your hotel reservation.

Online Dating With Karachi Spa Girls

KARACHI boasts the most attractive girls per square metre of any city I’ve visited in the world. Even better, many people fantasise of dating someone from abroad, even if there is a 20-year age difference! Some folks have nothing against the idea of finding a wealthy sugar daddy abroad. Joining the dating site is a terrific method to meet English-speaking, intelligent, and open-minded girls from massage service Karachi. Every evening, you can find over a thousand attractive girls online that are available for chat. You can register for free, browse profiles, and like the profile of any girl. If they reciprocate your feelings, strike up a conversation. But getting a membership is preferable. Only $25 per month, renewable each month, is required for payment. You’ll be able to get in touch with each female quickly and raise your success rate.

Spa Protocol in KARACHI

massage services in KarachiTicket and Gratuity

There aren’t any “full service” massage parlours in KARACHI, except from a few local locations. This implies that in addition to paying for the room (the admission ticket), you must constantly bargain with the female for a gratuity based on your needs. Only a HJ (handjob) is permitted at the majority of the places listed, but if a BJ (blowjob), DATY (cunnilingus), or BJ (full sex) is available, I’ll note it. Giving a tip that is at least equivalent to the cost of your room is considered polite. I’ve seen a lot of comments about males not wanting to “ruin the market” by tipping low. But why would you care if you have the resources to destroy the market? It goes without saying that a masseuse will work harder for a larger tip.


The sort of service you will receive depends on the type of accommodation you reserve: Standard room refers to a typical massage services that could include additional services based on your tip. You will receive a bathtub or a jacuzzi in a VIP room. As a result, the therapist usually gives you a naked bath. The therapist will continue to wear clothing. If you’re a super VIP, two females will massage you for two hours in a room with a jacuzzi or bathtub. Again, only you will be naughty around the girls.

How to Choose a Masseuse

There are no fishbowls or aquariums in Vietnam. Ask for the phone number of any certain girl. Vietnamese regularly post the “great” numbers in closed Facebook groups or forums. Due of their lack of luxury, foreigners frequently acquire a random girl. To increase your likelihood of meeting a gorgeous female, you might make particular demands to the mamasan or GRO (Guest Relation Officer). If you don’t like the girl that is offered to you, you may simply request another one.

Foreign nationals and Karachi

massage services in KarachiDistrict 1 is home to the majority of foreigners’ favourite massage services clinics. Although they are more expensive, you will probably feel more at ease there. The greatest ones are actually in Districts 3, 5, and 10, if you’re feeling daring. Because you are a foreigner, it is possible that girls there will ask you for a larger tip. Plan on paying 30% to 50% extra.

Even more expensive is the “Little DHA” neighbourhood along Badar Comercail 26 Street and Sun Site Street. The majority of visitors are Japanese and Korean, who will spend up to five times what is typical. You will be required to present your NIC in order to enter certain areas of Karachi that are prohibited. Evidently, this is done to stay out of trouble with the law.

Spa Massage in Karachi

The term “spa” refers to a wide range of services and experiences and can refer to anything from a small facial and massage business to expansive pampering destinations. The term spa massage in Karachi was first used to describe naturally occurring thermal springs in Ancient Greece and Rome. These bathing and relaxation areas were thought to benefit health and well-being, and little has changed. Spas remain luxurious havens; the only difference today is that they have changed shape and form to fall into various categories.

Massage Centre in Karachi

This is the spa in its most basic form, but it is no less pampering for it. They typically offer facials, massages, other treatments, and salon services such as waxing, manicures, and pedicures. Day Spas Massage Centre in Karachi can be found in city Centres and residential areas, offering locals brief but restorative treatments and repeat appointments. You’ll usually be in and out in 30 minutes to two or three hours.

Karachi massage

Destination Spas are a step up from Hotel Spas in that they provide accommodation as part of the spa rather than in an adjoining hotel. This results in a well-rounded spa experience, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere permeating the rooms, cuisine, and activities. Guests are frequently seen walking around the grounds in robes and slippers for relaxation or improving their health. Many Destination Spas offer yoga, pilates, and meditation classes in addition to spa treatments.